Nude Kayaking; Experiencing the Water Outside of a Shower!

Braving the waters "au naturel" is something we would normally think of doing when taking a shower or soaking in a bath. But have you ever gotten the feeling to do something crazy and unforgettable? Do you love the outdoors and the water? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you may just be the right person to experience nude kayaking. After all, it's an excursion that isn't likely to be forgotten in your lifetime!

Even if you have no experience with kayaking but still want to try this bold approach to fun and good times, you have absolutely nothing holding you back - except maybe your clothes. Kayaking is an activity that is considered safe for people of all ages and ability levels. It requires little physical exertion (provided the weather cooperates) and some would even consider it to be a relaxing experience. With that concern out of the way, if you're willing to paddle your way through the water wearing your birthday suit, then all you need to know now is where to go to experience this thrill.

The Paddling Bares Canoe Club in New Jersey is an excellent resource for those looking to try out nude kayaking. The club refers to themselves as "kayakers and canoeists who are also naturists." The club strongly emphasizes safety first, therefore, no alcohol is permitted on any trip and sexual behavior is strictly prohibited. Some of their trips include hiking and overnight camping, but these additions usually mean spending time somewhere secluded and legal for nude activity - therefore, you won't have the luxury of showers or toilets and may be amidst some intimidating wildlife. To participate in the club's nude outdoor adventures, you will first need to complete an application and send a check; they will then provide you with information regarding upcoming trips.

If you're able to travel abroad for your nude kayaking trip, then Crete, Greece is an ideal location. Located along the Mediterranean Sea in Europe, Crete provides a safe haven and relaxing atmosphere for those wishing to kayak in the nude. You'll experience a journey through some of Greece's most fascinating history by paddling through the waters of Crete's narrow passageways. In addition to nude kayaking, Crete also offers nude visitors the chance to scuba dive, water ski, and enjoy many other outdoor water sports at their many nudist resorts. You can find some great package deals on nude kayaking trips to Greece, some starting as low as $2000 for a week long adventure!

If you head south of the border, the Baja Peninsula in Mexico is another great spot to experience kayaking while feeling the "cool breezes." This is a popular destination for all kayaking lovers, but you can find resorts and trips aimed specifically at nude adventures. Not only does the Baja Peninsula offer some great kayaking, but you can also enjoy nude snorkeling, scuba diving (although this particular activity can't be done in the nude), hiking, fishing, and whale watching.


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