24 Options- A Top Trading Broker

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REASONS FOR ITS SUCCESS: 24 options started in the year 2009 and are one of the first brokers in the industry. 24 options has consistently emphasized on implementing innovative methods and using new tools in order to make them more user friendly and simpler to trade with. An example of this can be the training sessions which they have introduced in which the clients can directly communicate with a financial expert via live chat, phone or email regarding various aspects of successful trading such as the right strategies and profit potentials. The demo account service is also very useful especially for the inexperienced traders. The unique platform of 24 options offers special assets which attracts the attention of the traders and investors. The platform of 24 options besides giving a grand look uses simple plus and minus buttons for standard high/low trading options unlike other brokers who offer ‘call’ and ‘put’ buttons. 24 options does not impose any restrictions on the withdrawal money unlike many brokers who do not allow the withdrawal of all the profits if they are impressive in the very first attempt. 24 options is not known for delay in getting the money back to the trader. The traders get their money within 3-5 business days. The traders can use a variety of credit or debit cards, wire transfer, money bookers and a variety of methods given in their website. 24 options offer various views of its trading platform which enable the traders to choose the one which they find easiest to operate.


The BuyBack option offered by the broker allow the traders to cancel their trade upto 5 minutes before expiration in order to circumvent any loss of bid. The money though is not returned but a loss of position is avoided. 24 options allow one free withdrawal per month. In case the withdrawal is required frequently a fee is charged which depends upon the type of account being held by the trader. The platinum account holders get all the profits transferred for free, the gold account holders get one free withdrawal per month and the regular account holders get a sole free withdrawal. The company has a large binary option resource center and a comprehensive list of trading terms. 24 options offer a large array of bonuses which is an added advantage for a trader. 24 options is the first broker that applied for financial regulation. A regulated broker is sure to provide a high level of service and protection for new clients. The minimum trade is 24$ and the deposit to create an account is 250$. The customer service is prompt and various people who have availed the services of this broker have expressed satisfaction with the customer support team.

Altogether 24 options has received positive reviews by various agencies and in the 6 years of their existence they have continued to provide good services and benefits to their clients. 24 options has become a top trading broker due to all these features and continues to improvise.

What exactly is CherryTrade?

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cherry371x400In the world of binary options there are some companies which play the role of police or some kind of judge, and these are called regulatory bodies. Some of them have built a strong reputation and have respectable integrity, like for example agency known as CySEC or Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission, and they authorize broker houses and mediate if there is any kind of problem. However, some of those agencies have conflicting laws with governments of certain countries, for instance with United States, and this in real life means that brokers that are regulated by CySEC cannot do business with traders coming from American territory. Fortunately for those traders, some broker houses are not under jurisdiction of those regulatory bodies, and one of the most popular websites that provides trading with binary options is known as CherryTrade.

As mention above, CherryTrade offers its services to citizens of United States and this fact is very important for those traders since not a lot of brokers are capable of accepting people from American territory. CherryTrade was established in 2013 by a corporation called Redtulips Consultants LTD and they registered it in Gibraltar, and it still operates from that small country. The fact that this broker is so young is also important when it comes to licenses, since that whole process off issuing a license usually takes 3-4 yours, and people who run this broker expect that CherryTrade will be regulated any day now and it will be a challenging rival for 24Option.

CherryTrade Binary Options Review

This is important for another reason as well, and that is psychological effect that it will have on potential customers, since they still hesitate when they are supposed to sign up to a broker which is not regulated by a renowned regulatory body. Once this license is issued, clients will be more direct in approaching this website and then they will be able to see for themselves that this broker is 100% reliable and scam free. Also, they will be able to enjoy in multitude of features and attributes that make this broker so attractive to thousands of traders from all over the world, and some of those elements are totally unique and can be seen only on this website.

CherryTrade as a binary options broker offers over 160 assets for selection, and average payout rate is around 85%. This broker operates on a super-modern 2.0SpotOption platform, which enables very efficient and safe trading. Besides the fact that personal information of the clients are protected by SSL encryption, this software provider has incorporated several other interesting services and features in this website. For instance, CherryTrade has an option which is called “IFollow”, and this service is based on the idea that trading in binary options can be connected to social networks and therefore users can “follow” other successful traders and have their bids right into their own home screen. This feature makes trading even more enjoyable and exciting, and CherryTrade focused on providing the best trading experience to their customers. They manage to fulfill this task in a very satisfying manner, since people who have tried this broker have only positive impressions.

Copy trading and its pros and cons

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With the development of binary trading, many facilitating devices for trading are developing as well. There are binary trading signals, which serve as suggestion to traders which assets to trade. Also, many brokers provide market reviews, news and charts for the brokers, so that it is easier for them to monitor the changes on the market, and the fluctuation of the prices.  Many binary traders also offer automatized binary trading, through different binary robots created by third-party websites specialized in this area. Some of the most popular brokers that offer automated trading are Stockpair, 24Option, CTOption, Porter Finance, and the methods of automated trading differs from one broker to another. Some offer the concept of trading via robot, where the trader inserts all the parameters before the trading and leaves the robot to execute the trades automatically. Here, the signals get to the robot’s software, and it places the trades according to them. Another kind of automated trading is called copy trading, and it is based on copying the trades of other successful users. It is a very fresh concept if we talk about automatized trading, but speaking in general, it is not that new, because the traders have always exchanged experiences and the new traders have copied those more successful ones.

There are, of course, both good and bad sides of this type of trading. When the robot provides the copy option automatically, the user is required to choose a trader whose trades he wants to copy, and leave the robot perform the copying of every trade for a certain period of time. There are also brokers that provide manual copy trading, where the user decides which trader to copy and for which trades. The latter method may be better because it involves constant monitoring and change of strategy if it begins to fail, or a change of the copied trader if he begins to lose. However, it requires more time than leaving everything to the binary trading robot completely. In addition to the positive sides, if you copy a successful trader, the trades may end up being more profitable than when you leave the trading to the robot which follows automatically generated signals only. Keep in mind that not all the traders can be copied, but only those who have a very high success ratio, which will increase your chance of success as well.

One minus goes to copy trading platforms which are controlled manually, because they can involve emotional deciding in a much larger extent than those which are controlled automatically – and one of the main purposes of automated trading is to cut the emotions out of binary trading. Another bad thing with copy trading is that some platforms do not provide the detailed results of the brokers you can copy, but only their last trade and the overall percentage of success, so make sure to choose those copy systems where you can get a detailed insight into the trader’s previous results. Only this way will you be able to certainly decide whether the trader is someone you want to follow or you would rather look for someone else.

Pair binary options

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Binary options has become a widely used method of trading and earning money online. It became an official trading market in 2008, and it has gained many users ever since. Binary trading is still a relatively new concept, so it is still constantly upgraded, changed and enriched with various features. In addition to classic Call/Put Options, now it is possible to trade several other types of options, some of which are available on all trading platforms, and some are still a bot rare to find.

Pair Trading is one of the most common types of binary options available for trading on various brokers’ platforms. It is a rather simple way of trading, just like Call/Put Options, and it requires a trader to predict which of the stocks given in the pair will perform better within a determined period of time (e.g.  Facebook/Google – will Facebook or Google perform better over the next 30 minutes). If you make a correct guess, and the predicted stock performs better upon the expiration of the option, you receive a payout. The payout percentage for every pair option is shown when you place a trade and varies from pair to pair, because it depends on market conditions. One of the brokers that offer the highest payouts for Pair Trading is Boss Capital, which offers payouts that can be as high as 350%.

One of the largest perks of Pair Options is that you do not need to worry about the general fluctuations and changes on the stock market. The profit is possible to be gained even when the stock market goes down, because the only aspect that matters is a relation between the two stocks within the pair, no matter the market conditions at the time. Therefore, even if the stock you have chosen for Pair Trading goes down on stock market, if it performs better than the other stock from the pair, you will still end the trade in the money and receive a payout, which can be quite high. Similarly, if the whole market is on the fall, it does not have to concern you, because you need to bo concentrated only on the particular pair of stocks.

There are two types of Pair Options – Fixed and Floating. Both of these are offered on Stockpair’s trading platform. Fixed Pair Options are those where the relative performance of the traded stock determines its performance, from start time (the time when the option was purchased) to expiry time. With Floating Pair Options, the relative performance of the traded stock also determines its performance, but it is measured during a predetermined period in which the trade occurred. It can be a day, a week or even a month. Relative performance is measured from the beginning of this predetermined period and the payout is received at the period. With Floating Pair Options, you determine the expiry time of the option when you decide to purchase the option, while Fixed Pair Options close at a fixed and predetermined expiry time.

About commodity prices and their influence on currency value

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There are currencies on forex market that are called commodity currencies. They got their name because they are dependant on price of some commodities. So, even though you went through all factors that can influence the curency, there is more to learn. Well that is the life of every forex trader. And if you ever read that there is a way to trade without learning something about binary options and brokers like CTOption, turn your back and never look back. Well if you like gambling then feel free to indulge in those thing.

Knowing in which way can commodity price affect the strength of currency is important thing to know, if you want to avoid trading with majors only. The most important resource in the world is oil, so I will go through influence it has on two currencies.

Canadian dollar is known as one of the commodity currencies, which is proven during last decade or so. Corelation between Canadian dollar and oil is around 80 percent due to Canada being seventh greatest producer of oil. The connection between these two things can be seen in price of CAD/USD, because Canada is close to USA, and they have surpassed them in oil production. The constant issues of stability in Middle East adds to that too. Whenever price of the oil rises so does the value of Canadian dollar in comparison to American dollar.

Then we have Japan that is dependant on oil import. They don’t produce any significant amount of oil, and they have to import it all. They are the thrid largest importer of the oil in the world. Economy of Japan is highly sensitive to price of the oil. As long as the price is constant or it falls down Japan is good. But whenever price skyrockets, Japanese economy suffers major losses. Japan also has other problems in terms of energy production. They import around 85 percent of all primary energy sources. So, when you look at this, then best possible match for trading oil would be CAD/JPY.

Then there is gold, and its connection to Australian dollar. Australia is the third gold producer in the world, and because of that connection between their dollar and gold has a correlation of around 85 percent. So when gold price rises so does the value of Australian dollar too. Another country that has strong correlation to gold is New Zeland. This is due to small distance between these two countries, and the fact that most of the products from New Zeland end up in Australia.

But if you are interested only in forex trading, then you can trade currencies instead of those commodities. The data I have provided may be used to set monitoring network which will focus on currencies that are correlated to different commodities. So whenever one of the prices of those commodities change, you can predict what currency will react in what fashion to that. I don’t say that it will be certain hit every time, but with country that is closely tied to certain commodity, that commodity plays important role in the well being of that country.

Stock market orders

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Stock market is an interesting place to trade, and even if it doesn’t have some features that make forex the greatest market on the world it has its perks. Stock market doesn’t have liquidity forex has, but thousands of instruments are traded every day, while forex has around 10 instruments that are traded.  But let’s skip that and go into the order types you will encounter on stock market.

Two main, basic orders are market and limit orders.

Market order ensures the immediate action, whether it is sell or buy. Price of the stock involved doesn’t matter , the action will be performed in an instant. If buy is the order direction then the price will be near ask, and if sell is your option then price will be near bid point. This type of order is popular for traders that want to sell, or buy their stocks without delay even thouh the price is unknown. If the stock is traded regularly in matter of thousands, then price can be speculated as it was aforementioned few lines above.

Limit order is simple order to make, and also smart order to use. It can be used to set maximum or minimum price, you want to sell or buy stocks. This means that you won’t go under or over those limitations no matter what. You can decide to manually override this order and buy or sell stocks in spite of limit order.

There are four minor, also called exotic  orders, and they are stop order, all or none, good till canceled and day order.

Stop order is activated when price reaches certain point on the scale. It can be set to stop tradng if price drops to the certain point, or if the price goes over the point already set. This is one of the most useful orders, because it can prevent large losses, or in the case of order to stop trading if price rises, in order to prevent trading while the price goes down after its peak.

All or none order is useful to people who trade in large quantity of low cost stocks. This order ensures that they will buy all stocks you have ordered. If there is not enough stocks available your trade will halt, and you will not buy anything.

Good till canceled is a time based order, which can be canceled whenver you feel like it. Many brokers have restrictions on how long an order can stand, but those restrictions are usually set to around 3 months.

Day order is default order. If you fail to place any expiry time, it will automatically set itself to the end of the day. After that ends order will be canceled, and you will have to place your order once again.

As you have noticed none of these orders match binary options trading orders, which boast themselves as equal or better market. Both of these market trade same assets, but if you just browse through articles with titles like Banc De binary scam, you will see the difference between these two types of trading.